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August 31 - September 2 - 69th WDA / 14th EWDA - Joint Virtual Conference


Register NOW to make sure You are part of the most unique Wildlife Health event of the Year, the

69th Annual WDA / 14th Biennial EWDA Joint Virtual Conference

We are thrilled about our fantastic Scientific Program that brings You the latest advances in Wildlife Health in a secure and environmentally sustainable way

So have a peak and register TODAY!

Here are some bits to make Your mouth water:

  • Five Thought-provoking Plenary Talks

Reservoirs Sans Frontières: can ecology help us predict viral spillover risk from bats?

Dr. Olivier Restif

University of Cambridge (UK)

Illegal wildlife trade and emerging infectious diseases: Pervasive impacts to species, ecosystems and human health

Prof. A. Alonso Aguirre

George Mason University (Virginia, USA)

Wildlife through the lens of One Health: An African perspective

Prof. Anita Michel

University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Understanding pathogen transmission in a solitary, secretive carnivore (Puma concolor)

Prof. Meggan Craft

University of Minnesota (USA)

The Ecology, Economics and Evolution of Emerging Pathogens

Prof. Andrew P. Dobson

University of Princeton (New Jersey, USA)

  • Three Promising Plenary Student Awardees’ Speakers

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV): an emerging threat to wild felids without protection from endogenous feline leukemia virus (enFeLV)

Dr. Elliot Chiu

Colorado State University (USA)

An apathogenic virus predicts transmission dynamics of a pathogen and reveals paradoxes and synergies in pathogen management in the Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi)

Dr. Marie Gilbertson

University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Esophageal measurement of core body temperature in the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris)

Dr. Molly Martony

Mystic Aquarium (Connecticut, USA)

  • The Parallel Meeting of the EWDA Wildlife Health Surveillance Network – of Paramount interest for European colleagues

  • 110 Oral Presentations on cutting edge subjects in all fields of wildlife health

  • 30 WDA Student Award Competition e-posters

  • More than 200 e-posters that You can view conveniently from home

  • Conference Greening Activities Yes! We are maintaining the Conference Greening activities!! Specifically

Reforestation of wildfire devastated areas in Cuenca, Spain

This way we will compensate CO2 emissions from past face-to-face WDA Conferences

A negative carbon footprint will be the biggest contribution of the Wildlife Disease Community to the life on Earth in 2021

  • Meet Peers and Friends in our Virtual Networking Area

  • Don’t miss a thing!! Session viewing until 2 weeks after the Conference

  • Know Your organisation and build its future: WDA Business Meeting

  • Even in virtual times our beloved Student-Mentor Mixer will take place!

  • Awards Ceremony

Please share widely so nobody working on Wildlife health will miss this great opportunity to learn,

share, exchange and interact with colleagues from all over the world, and secure Your own slot!

Important reminder for presenting authors (both oral and e-poster communications):

The deadline for registration is July 12th.

So don’t forget and fill in Your registration now!

The Organizing Committee

69th WDA / 14th EWDA Joint Conference

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