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May 2021, 19th - Powerlines & birds: Experiences from electricity companies in the Mediterranean

Join us to learn about the impact of powerlines on birds and listen to experiences from electricity companies in the Mediterranean.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 19th May at 11:00 AM Amman time / 10:00 AM CET.

The rapid expansion of electricity grids’ transmission and distribution is increasing the threat on biodiversity and, in particular, on birds. Electrocution and collision with powerlines are still an important, continuing mortality factor of several species of birds. In this webinar, Eng. Eman (Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company) will shed the light on Egypt’s experience in bird migration mitigation at wind plants and powerlines, and Tareq (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature) will share their experience in bird collision and electrocution with powerlines in Jordan. Another experience from Italy will be shared, where Luca will talk about risk assessment of bird collision with powerlines.

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